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Thursday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping:

PJ Fleck with some interesting comments on the MSU vs. UM rivalry

I've watched this a number of times, and I'm still not exactly sure what happened

Coach Holtz is clearly still a bit bitter

The quote of the day

This is fun to relive

This reaction is really, really cool

I see mint green. You?

Classy move by the guys at SMU

Interesting to see how much some of the Elite 11 finalists throw the ball (37 the high in attempts), and how little others do (6 attempts was the low)


The best from yesterday:

Shelley Meyer on navigating life as a coach’s wife: “You just roll with it.”

Why are Clemson defensive backs wearing boxing gloves? Dabo got the idea from Belichick

One college football team has kicked a player off the team for kneeling for the National Anthem

UCF will wear special space-themed alternates with some really cool details this weekend

Wednesday’s One Minute Warm Up