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Troy Aikman: Kellen Moore accepted Boise State job, then turned it down

Kellen Moore will not be the next Boise State head coach. The wind blew in that direction late last week and into the weekend, and was finally put to bed when the Dallas Cowboys announced a multi-year extension for their 32-year-offensive coordinator.

But there was a time when it appeared Moore would indeed leave Dallas and returned to his alma mater, according to Troy Aikman.

The Hall of Fame Cowboys quarterback-turned-Fox NFL analyst said during Sunday's Cowboys-Giants broadcast he was told Moore initially accepted the job before reversing course.

Watch the clip below.

He expounded on that during an appearance with KTCK-FM in Dallas on Tuesday.

"What I've been told was that he had been offered the job and he accepted the job," Aikman said. "Then as they were working out some details there was a bit of a disagreement. It was then that Kellen backed out of the deal because he questioned the overall commitment of the university in supporting the football program and his opportunity to have success.

"I would say that's a great thing on his part," Aikman continued. "I believe (Boise) is probably his dream job. I think he holds that university in very high regard so for him to not then follow through, I think, speaks volumes about him. I think that's a good sign. If you're a Kellen Moore fan and you're betting on his future, you'd say, gosh, now I like him even more."

At press time, a Boise State spokesperson had not returned multiple messages seeking comment.

The belief around the Cowboys in regards to Moore's thinking is this: At 32 years old, he'll have other opportunities to become Boise State's head coach. The shine of his star isn't waning at his alma mater any time soon, no matter how much success or failure he experiences at the NFL level. But remaining in Dallas keeps him on a path to possibly become an NFL in the next year or three, and there's no guarantee he'd ever get back to that level no matter how much he may have succeeded as the head Bronco.

“I love Boise State. I will always root for them, and I hope one day to be a part of the program again.” Moore said upon signing his extension. “We are building something special here in Dallas. I am thankful to the Jones family and Mike McCarthy for providing me with the opportunity to coach these special players. I am excited for us to put it all together and finish the job.”

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