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Tuesday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping:

This is really cool

Rethink your social media strategy - Recruit commits based on a team's social media presence

Russell Wilson shooting invisible sniper lasers with this pump fake

This is a quality read and experts answer whether they prefer their burger grilled or done in a cast iron pan

Gotta love this

The quote of the day

This is fascinating

Cool helmet tweak from Eastern Michigan here

Ugh. That's tough

The best from yesterday:

Chatter at Tennessee – Monday November 20

Video: State title game goes to 7 overtimes!

Watch: Lincoln Riley has to stop himself from crying when talking about Baker Mayfield

Joey Jones resigns as South Alabama head coach

Bill Snyder says he tried to hire Jim Leavitt… as linebackers coach

Oklahoma prep coaching legend delivers tear-filled message to team after coaching, in what may be, his final game

The #Twitter12Pack of things no one expected to see this weekend

Tax law change could affect grad assistants

Monday’s One Minute Warm Up