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Update on Tennessee's coaching search - Monday November 27

Greg Schiano was going to be the guy.... until he wasn't.

That ship has sailed and now Tennessee is licking their wounds and regrouping, planning to make their next hire "soon" in current athletic director John Currie's words.

So, last night we asked around about where Tennessee turns next. Well, the answer was cause for concern.

After checking back up today we are told there is a faction at Tennessee who believes University leadership might step in, allow John Currie to go find a new job (in a nice way of putting it) and quickly make Phillip Fulmer their new athletic director. Should that happen, sources we have spoken with believe Fulmer would bring David Cutcliffe in as head coach. As we wrote over the past two weeks (here and here), Cutcliffe was on Tennessee's radar throughout this search. If Currie is allowed to continue to lead the search, there is buzz within the profession the search could turn to former Vols quarterback -- and current USC offensive coordinator -- Tee Martin to appease the fan base. The other two names mentioned were Jeff Brohm or Mike Leach. It is unknown if either of those two would commit to Tennessee at this time. Will update as more is clear. Before we go...we almost broke the first rule of a Tennessee coaching search article; but no no, we caught ourselves. No, Jon Gruden still is not a candidate for the position. As always stay tuned to The Scoop for the latest coaching job information.

4pm ET Update> Tennessee leadership has taken the first step in clearing the air with Chancellor Davenport releasing a brief statement expressing her support in John Currie making the next hire.

“I deeply regret the events of yesterday for everyone involved. The university remains steadfast in its commitment to excellence, and I look forward to John Currie continuing the search to bring the next head football coach to the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.”

Clarity is a good thing. Hopefully this brings this search that much closer to being complete.

Will update The Scoop as we hear more.