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Urban Meyer addresses USC rumors

One game into his NFL career, Urban is already fielding questions about a rumored return to college football.

From the moment USC fired Clay Helton, the rumors started. 

None other than Mike Lombardi fanned the flames, tweeting, "Interesting to hear the comments from folks in Columbus that I trust tell me that Meyer might love going back to college. The timing of this move for USC tells me there is something brewing--not sure what, but something."

Meyer was asked the inevitable question on Wednesday and said there was "no chance."

“I’m here and committed to trying to build this organization," he said.

Hear from the man himself below.

Of course, this will be met with 2018 comments when Meyer said he believed he was done coaching. He ultimately proved himself wrong then, so naturally he's going to prove himself wrong here too, right?

As we discussed on the FootballScoop podcast yesterday, there are reasons to believe he has no interest in USC.

For one, it's antithetical to Meyer's personality to admit failure, and leaving Jacksonville after one season would be the ultimate admission of failure.

Beyond that, Meyer passed on Texas and has spoken multiple times about his lack of desire to recruit 24/7 and to navigate the brand-new NIL rules. He said this as recently as last month.

On top of all that, part of the reason he passed on Texas was that he wouldn't have been able to build the staff he wanted in Austin, since many of his must-have staffers are entrenched in Columbus. All those people are still entrenched nine months later.

There's plenty of reason to believe Urban has no interest in USC. That doesn't mean people will, of course, and those same people will remain unconvinced right up until the Trojans hire someone else. And then the new "Urban back to college" rumors will start.