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Video: Les Miles and two more college football icons appear in new Dr. Pepper commercial

Moving on from the Larry Culpepper era back in May (which seemed to be quite the hit), Dr. Pepper had a hole to fill as the looked for a new spokesperson and face of the brand.

Keeping with the college football theme that helped to make Culpepper so popular, Dr. Pepper tripled down with some iconic college football personalities in their latest promo that was released yesterday...and who better to turn to than a coach full of personality without a sideline to patrol on the weekends?

Les Miles appears alongside Eddie George and Brian Brian Bosworth in a one-minute spot dubbed "Fansville," - a utopia where "every day is Saturday and everyone is a fan."

Here's to hoping Miles has an increased role in these as they continue to roll out throughout the season.

Zoom in on Les while he's snacking and you'll notice a nice little touch.