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Virginia Tech releases Brent Pry's contract

Pry's salary will start at $4 million and rise to $5 million by 2026.

There are two things to like about Brent Pry's contract at Virginia Tech: it's out, and it's straightforward.

The standard terms of the deal fit on half a sheet of standard paper. He's under contract for six years, starting at $4 million per year and rising to $5 million by 2026.

Pry will have $5.5 million to pay his 10 on-the-field assistants and $2.25 million to pay his support staff. 

Here's the term sheet, as released by Andy Bitter of The Athletic

Pry contract

We'll update with more terms as they come out. In the meantime, stay tuned to The Scoop for the latest.