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Why wide zone is the best run scheme out there, according to Baylor OC Jeff Grimes

Jeff Grimes led one of the country's most exciting offenses at BYU last year before deciding to join Dave Aranda's staff at Baylor.

Some coaches hang their hat on power, and there is a cult-like following out there of offensive line guys that swear by the mentality and versatility of power, while others swear by zone.

Grimes is a believer in the wide zone scheme, and in a post practice session with the media recently, explained why.

Those that are on the fence with adding wide zone to their arsenal, allow Grimes to make a recruiting pitch for his favorite run scheme that Baylor is going to hang their hat on under his guidance.

"The wide zone is something that I believe in. I've been fortunate to have been in a lot of different offensive systems and the wide zone is one that has been the most consistent play in the NFL for the past 20-25 years."

"There are reasons for that, some of which are it is a play that is versatile with different formations and personnel groups and is something that is very consistent and allows you to stay on schedule and doesn't allow for a lot of negative yardage plays and keeps you on schedule as an offense and a play caller."

High school coaches will really like what Grimes shares next.

"It's something that I feel like, as long as you have guys that are coachable and athletic you don't necessarily have to have a guy that can completely dominate a three-technique in the B-gap or a nose guard or a running back that runs a 4.3 forty. You have to have guys that can move their feet, that can be coachable, and that can move fast."

"They don't have to be any specific skill set, just be coachable and willing to execute the play. It's something that I have really become a believer in and fits with a lot of the things that I like in the passing game as well so it will be something we hang out hat on."

Hear more from Grimes in the clip.