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Youngstown State staffer apologizes, banned from sidelines after making contact with opposing player

Youngstown State director of player personnel Tim Johnson has been banned from the sidelines after making contact with an opposing player during Saturday's game with Northern Iowa.

"I apologize to UNI, Youngstown State, the Missouri Valley Football Conference and our community for what occurred on Saturday," Johnson said. "As a member of the YSU football staff, my actions are held in high regard and that should have never occurred. Again, I deeply apologize to all who have been impacted by my actions."

Johnson, a YSU Hall of Fame linebacker, was banned by Youngstown State and the Missouri Valley Conference for the remainder of the spring season.

As you'll see in the video below, UNI wide receiver Quan Hampton zagged his way through the field before running out of bounds to the YSU sidelines, where he made contact with Johnson.

Instead of retreating to give Hampton air space to slow down, Johnson stands his ground and lowers his shoulder into the player, who then hits the ground. Hampton was not injured, and Youngstown State was not flagged on the play.

It's a situation where we can all take Johnson's apology at face value, while also recognizing he was 100 percent in the wrong.

UNI won the game, 21-0.

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