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A Hawaii politician is calling for investigation into the head coach hiring process

A Hawaii politician, upset at the way their head coaching search played out, is calling for the resignation of the school president and AD and calls the hiring process "a national embarrassment."

Most coaching searches don't play out as publicly as Hawaii's has the last several weeks.

The whole ordeal began when Todd Graham's leadership methods were called into question by players at a state senate hearing, who accused Graham of abuse and mistreatment.

Graham and the program parted ways a week later.

That led to former UH head coach June Jones to enter the picture, publicly campaigning for the job where he previously put together back-to-back double-digit win seasons before leaving for the SMU head coaching job in 2008.

Jones was a strong candidate for the job early on the process, and the administration ended up offering him the job, with some strings attached.

The 68 year old college coaching veteran didn't like the package that was presented, as he was offered a two-year deal (he wanted a five-year deal) and would have to run all hires by the athletic director. Jones not only turned down the offer, but went on to publicly call it out, noting that "No coach in their right mind would accept" it.

The school then turned to former star quarterback, and Colorado State receivers coach Timmy Chang, who accepted the opportunity to come home and lead his alma mater.

Now, a Hawaii politician is calling for an investigation into the hiring process.

In a letter to Scott K. Saiki, who serves as the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Bob McDermott calls the hiring process "a national embarrassment for the people of Hawaii," and a "complete fiasco."

"I am reaching out to request that you convene a special committee to investigate the recent hiring process that was used to select the UH Football Coach, and more specifically the part of the process that involved June Jones.

McDermott, who is clearly upset specifically with the way the search was handled with Jones, also calls for the resignation of UH's president and athletic director in the letter.

"The entire consideration process for Junes Jones was a farce so AD Matlin could 'check the box' to satisfy the public and move on. He never wanted nor intended to hire June Jones. June is a national figure whose stature in football literally and figuratively dwarfs the UH leadership., It is unacceptable if AD Matlin's ego and fear of being overpowered by Junes Jones was permitted to drive this process."

McDermott also attempts to point out that June had UH in the "National Championship Sugar Bowl." While they did play in the Sugar Bowl as a BCS outsider in 2008, it was not for the national title, as LSU beat Ohio State that year.

See the full letter below from McDermott below.

Hawaii Hiring Letter