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Brent Pry's contract at Virginia Tech will provide additional money for support staff based on wins

Among the details of Pry's contract with the Hokies is a budget to create positions based on wins.

Brent Pry signed a six-year deal worth about $4.5 million annually as the new head coach at Virginia Tech. 

We covered some of the initial details of the deal about a week ago.

Andy Bitter, who has done a great job covering the Hokies for years, provided some additional details of Pry's deal.

With an increased emphasis on the importance of support staffers a trending topic among college football program the past several years, Pry is getting an opportunity to add to those positions, provided he gets results on the field.

Interestingly, Pry's contract calls for an increase in his budget for staffing where he will be able to possibly create new positions, based on the amount of wins he leads the team to.

  • $200k increase for 8 wins
  • $300k increase for 9 wins
  • $400k increase for 10 wins
  • $500k increase for 11 wins

Additionally, Pry can earn bonuses for the following accomplishments:

  • $25k for playing in the ACC Championship
  • $50k for winning the ACC tile
  • $50k for playing in a bowl game
  • $150k for playing in a College Football Playoff game / New Years Six Bowl
  • $250k for winning the National title

If Pry were to terminate his deal, he would owe $2 million in the first two years of his deal, that would decrease to $1 million in year three. In years four and five it would drop to $500k and $250k, respectfully.

Should the school terminate Pry without cause, Bitter notes that Pry would be owed 70% of his remaining base and supplemental pay.

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