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With speculation around USC mounting, Brian Kelly answers whether he'd ever leave Notre Dame, and what it would take

After calling the speculation regarding him and USC a "smokescreen" Brian Kelly adds that he can't see himself leaving unless...

For the last few weeks now, when Kirk Herbstreit has been asked to weigh in on candidates for the USC job, Brian Kelly's name has consistently been mentioned by the popular College GameDay host.

For good reason too. Few people check the boxes that would warrant a long, hard look at a job like the one USC presents.

Kelly is a proven winner, does an impressive job developing NFL talent, and has the charisma required to thrive in a major media market like Los Angeles. If USC could have their pick of anyone, Brian Kelly would surely rank high on that list.

However, at his weekly press conference today, Kelly called the attention Herbstreit has been sending his way a "smokescreen."

"You know, it's interesting. Where your name is brought up is probably where they want you to look so that you're not looking where you should be looking."

"It's a smokescreen. This is the time of year where names are thrown out there so people don't look where they're supposed to look."

Then asked if, other than retirement, could he see himself leaving Notre Dame on his own, Kelly took a page from Mike Tomlin's book from a few weeks ago.

"No," he responded.

"Look, I think Mike Tomlin had the best line...unless that fairy Godmother comes by with that $250 million check, my wife would want to take a look at it first. I would have to run it by her."

You hear that boosters? Brian Kelly just named his least one that would prompt him to at least run the decision by his wife.

Hear Kelly's full comments in the clip, and head here to hear our latest update on the USC search.