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The Scoop - Thursday November 25, 2021

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Scout Smart Winning Team Fall 2021

2021-22 Coordinator Trackers: Our pages tracking the FBS coordinator moves are now live.


Happy Thanksgiving! It is our prayer that everyone's heart is touched today by the realization of just how truly blessed each of us are. We are truly thankful for this life. God bless. 

Dave Aranda: Baylor head coach Dave Aranda says, "I love it here, and this is where I want to be.

Nick Saban: Coach Saban delivered a fiery rant for the ages last night... 

ScoutSmart: Find recruits that fit your program

Michigan State: Mel Tucker has officially signed his new deal, and here are the details.

Akron: An update on Akron's search.

LSU: Over the next several days we will be rolling out a staff tracker page for each FBS opening, and that process started today with pages dedicated to how the staffs at LSU, Florida, and USC staff will look in 2022. Keep track of all the new staff tracker pages at the bottom of The Scoop each day.

Coaching decisions: Best & Worst coaching decisions of week 11.

Jerry Kill: An update on Jerry Kill's plans


2021-22 Head Coaching Change Page: Keep track of all the NFL and college head coaching movement via this tracking page.

Yesterday's Scoop Page: Here's the link to yesterday's Scoop page. You can always get to yesterday's scoop (or any other day) by scrolling down and clicking the appropriate image / link.